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Sheffield Stag Weekend Packages
HomeSheffield Stag Weekend Packages
Sheffield might be your perfect stag destination but what are you going to do when you get there? StagWeekends is the best friend you always wanted, the one who’s organised and smart, but also gets you hammered on a Saturday night.

It’s easy to pick from one of our awesome, ready-made, straight out of the microwave packages or build your own custom tuned, low-riding, bass-pumping mix of activities, accommodation and nightlife with flames on the side.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help you out.
Sheffield 69
1 Night Package ● Footgolf - 9 Hole Course ● 3* Hotel ● Bar, Lap Dancing & Club Entries
Sheffield 101
1 Night Package ● Paintball Inc 100 Balls & Lunch OR Target Shooting Mix ● 3* Hotel ● Bar & Club Entries
Bubble Football
Sheffield 8
1 Night Package ● Bella Brunch ● Bubble Football ● 3* Hotel ● A Night At The Dogs OR Revolution Entry & Drink Bundle
Outdoor Go Karts
Sheffield 88
1 Night Package ● Outdoor Go Karts ● 4* Hotel ● Bar & Club Entries
Sheffield Stag Weekends

How far is Sheffield?
Think Def Leppard, think Artic Monkeys, think The Full Monty...StagWeekends.com think Sheffield might just be one of the most lairy nights out of your life.

Sheffield’s backstory is bouncing with killer beats and today it’s an awesome night out, with naughty girls in not even a skirt, grinding beats and flowing with booze right through to tomorrow. So, spread your legs lads, Sheffield is gonna show you a good time.

Sheffield in daylight is a young, cool, university city dripping with fun stuff to do. Feel it’s footballing history with a tour around Sheffield United Football Club then take your passion to the pitch with a mental game of bubble football.

You'd better keep your eye on ball, and you’d better keep your balls even closer with an all-out paintballing onslaught, or get geared up and greasy and take to the tarmac in a white-knuckle karting competition.

It's time to clean yourself up before you get even dirtier, once the clock strikes 11 Sheffield strips down to her lacy thong and spanks you all night long. Sheffield might be up north, but the girls are all about down south, try and keep your collars cool at a lip smacking lap dancing club or knock back the pints until you’re passed out and panting for mercy.

Don’t be shy; Sheffield is a shamazing shindig, so make it your stag weekend destination.
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