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North Wales Stag Weekend Packages
HomeNorth Wales Stag Weekend Packages
North Wales might be your perfect stag destination but what are you going to do when you get there? StagWeekends is the best friend you always wanted, the one who’s organised and smart, but also gets you hammered on a Saturday night.

It’s easy to pick from one of our awesome, ready-made, straight out of the microwave packages or build your own custom tuned, low-riding, bass-pumping mix of activities, accommodation and nightlife with flames on the side.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help you out.
North Wales 999
1 Night Package ● Bubble Football OR Paintball Inc 100 Balls ● Footgolf - 18 Hole Course ● Rural Pub Accommodation
Rage Buggy
North Wales 365
1 Night Package ● Chip Shop Lunch ● Rage Buggy Racing & Archery OR Rage Buggy Racing & Laser Clays ● Rural Pub Accommodation
Outdoor Go Karts
North Wales 101
1 Night Package ● Outdoor Go Karts ● Footgolf - 18 Hole Course ● Rural Pub Accommodation
North Wales 62
1 Night Package ● Hovercraft Racing & Archery ● 2-3* Hotel with Breakfast
White Water Rafting Stag Group
North Wales 88
1 Night Package ● Chip Shop Lunch ● Rage Buggy Racing & Archery OR Quad Biking Monstrous Trek ● 2-3* Hotel with Breakfast ● MORE..
North Wales Stag Weekends

How far is North Wales?
Fancy getting naughty up in North Wales? This is God’s country but we’re sure he’ll turn a blind eye to your stag night shenanigans.

North Wales is all about wet and wild open countryside. Whether you’ve got a shotgun under your arm or a shot glass in your hand, it’s open season on whatever birds you can find.

Put away your smartphones city slickers, the only signal you’ll need is a wink from the girls behind the bar. This rural nightlife is a pint pulling pleasure cruise. You can straddle a quad bike and rip up some grass then straddle the bar and chat up some busty welsh lass.

North Wales’ rugged countryside will sort out the men from the boys. Prove you’ve got the balls to take on the falls with a trouser clenching canyoning day trip, or get your geek on with some of the UK’s most incredible historic sites.

Hit the hay in a rural country inn after a night of knocking back the pints in a rustic bar. Then plunge into a white water hangover cure, neck deep in a bodycon wetsuit, take on welsh water rapids, take it slow and be quick with your hands, then hammer it hard when you feel it getting deeper.

Don’t forget, North Wales is a big girl so you’ll need to travel from activity to activity, and take your own luxuries with you, because this is no place for man-scaping, mummy’s boys.

If you’re up for the challenge, North Wales will give you a stag do you’ll never forget.
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