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Stag Charter
It may seem pompous to offer advice about how to behave on a stag, but we organise stags for a living and have some experience we feel is worth passing on. Basically, groups of guys put people on the defensive and if you can illustrate you mean no harm many barriers can be broken down.


When booking accommodation it pays to be up front that you are a stag party. There are plenty of places that want your business so there's no need to go somewhere that does not. We know of cases where the hotelier has refused to honour a booking when groups of lads turn up. This can leave you in trouble.


Pubs seem to let you away with just about anything in our experience. We're astounded at how laid back many landlords seem to be. However, two things seem to annoy them, without fail. Singing, where it's not welcome and strippers, when no one has checked with the landlord. Both could see you ejected in a hurry.


If you are trying to enter a club, remember that different dress codes apply in different areas of the country. It is better to be too smart than too scruffy. Sportswear, trainers, football shirts, t shirts, and rugby tops are often rejected. Also remember large groups will worry bouncers. Better to try and enter in several smaller groups of 2 or 3.


Strippers are a popular way to prank the stag and to get the guys revved up. There is no right or wrong. However, be aware that it varies hugely what a "show" entails and it is worth being very specific about what you are organising. Some "ladies" may go much further than you ever intended. Finding a suitable location can also be a challenge. Organise that well in advance. The guys who arranged a lesbo show in a busy family pub did not go down too well (excuse the pun)!


Our view has always been that the weekend should be fun for the stag as well. We realise that some of you wish to wind the stag up. However, leaving him naked and tied up is not advisable. Many cities have people with attitude and in their view a drunken, naked target may deserve a kick in and possibly a knifing. Seriously, this sort of thing happens.


The old saying "what goes on tour, stays on tour" is a great objective but do not believe it. Things nearly always get out. Weddings have been called off because of what leaks back and friendships lost.

All of this may sound obvious but it pays to remember this advice, especially when you've had a few beers. The weekend should be fun and nearly always is. Do not become one of the exceptions. Whether or not you choose stagweekends.com to organise your stag we wish you a great stag weekend!

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