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Is Fancy Dress A Good Idea?
Fancy dress and stag weekends go together like copy and paste but if you dress him up like transvestite Hitler you’re going to have some serious problems getting into anywhere besides a bus stop.

So, we’ve put together a list of popular outfits along with a few warnings on what might happen if you decide to choose them.

Stag in Drag

After years of testing and hundreds of experiments it has been scientifically proven that there is nothing funnier than seeing 16 stone Lee from Human Resources in a knee length skirt suit with matching heels. Our advice, go crazy and don’t forget the chicken fillets to make sure your stag is a proper head turner. Will you get into your venue? Well, probably not, even if the venue has a good policy on diversity and inclusion, so it’s best to check first.


Fact, this is going to look hilarious. Another fact. You are not going to get into ANY venues, period. The mankini is a stag do favourite because apart from a nightmare about sitting in GCSE English and forgetting all your clothes, it is the single most embarrassing thing any man can wear, whether he looks like Ryan Reynolds or not. Besides that, he’s going to be cold, like proper cold, and no-one wants to spend a stag weekend with their arse hanging out, even in British summertime.

Morph suit

It’s a great look, no denying that, great fun and easy to spot your other stag party punters when you’ve had a beer or thirty-nine. But let’s face it, what doorman have you ever met who’s going to let someone into a club without seeing their face? You might think the stag looks better with his face covered up, but most regulations say it’s safer for everyone when they can see him, plus it’s really hard to give mouth to mouth in a morph suit if he jokes on a salted peanut, just sayin’.


From a style point of view the onesie should never leave the house, period. We’ve all seen Tracy down the CoOp on a Sunday morning looking like a zebra with a hangover and thought, ‘she’s let herself go’. But for a stag party it’s actually a pretty decent idea. Yea you can have a laugh and dress up like Minions or whatever floats your boat but, if you’re clothed underneath and a bouncer gets a right mood on him, you can just unzip and voila, ‘respectable stag party gentlemen’ have arrived. Two birds, one stone, genius.

Gimp Suit

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the only clubs that are going to let you in dressed in a gimp suit will probably leave you walking like a cowboy with a cocktail of STD’s. So whilst Craig might look great in leather straps and studs, it’s probably not the greatest idea if you actually want to enjoy your stag weekend on the tiles. Plus it’s pretty hard to neck a pint with a ball gag rammed in your chops.

Where’s Wally

This is easily one of the most popular stag do fancy dress ideas. For starters, Wally actually dressed like a human, so it’s more likely you’ll be allowed to enter your venue of choice. Secondly, you can make an awesome game out of it. Wally goes and hides, and the first one to find him wins, let’s say, a tequila shot. Keep in mind this game can go on for a long time, I don’t know about you but after 13 tequila shots it’s hard to find your own face let alone some stripy fella hiding in a wheelie bin.

So there you have it, a run down on what to expect if you want to dress up like an idiot for your stag do. It’s pretty simple really, use your brain, if you were a doorman and a group of lads dressed like new-borns in stilettos turned up, would you let them in? Probably not. So by all means, dress up to your hearts content, but make sure you check with your venues first to make sure they will definitely let you in, because Cardiff taxi rank in February is no fun in a mankini.

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