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Advice For The Groom
Marriage is a special day for both the bride and the groom, however, it seems that groom’s preferences are generally not as considered as the bride. In reality, the groom is just as excited about the day as his bride. In the following article, we hope to provide frank advice for the groom who is ready to tie the knot and what getting married is all about.

Planning: After you've popped the question your lucky lady has said 'yes', (well she isn't going to say no - you're a good looking chap), you'll need to start planning the big day.

Setting the date will be down to a number of factors including when people can make it and when your chosen venue is available.

Other points to consider/organise:

  • The Venue

  • Caterers*

  • Band**

  • Photographer

  • Florists

  • *You may need two different caterers, one for the day time and one for the evening
    **You may also need a DJ as a band can't play all day and night

    If you're short of time and don't mind the extra cost you may want to consider a wedding co-ordinator. A good wedding co-ordinator will have connections in all the right places and will take the stress out of organising what can be an extremely stressful day. Note; having a wedding co-ordinator doesn't mean there will be no decisions to be made, you will still have to make some pretty important decisions.

    Budget: No matter how much money you're willing to throw at the day, allocating a specific fund for your wedding and planning your expenses is a good idea.

    Prepare the guest list: Your wedding is a once in a life time event that your nearest and dearest will want to be a part of, bear that in mind when you are considering who to invite, friends come and go but you will always have family.

    Buy an engagement ring: We would recommend to use a reputable jeweller, don't get it resized unless you are 100% sure she is going to say yes, plus make sure the jeweller will give you a refund, if she says no.

    Decide on your Best Man and Ushers: Choose the right Best Man. Make sure he can deliver a great speech and won't shy away from responsibility. The biggest responsibility he will have apart from getting you to the church on time is the stag weekend.

    Ushers are also an integral part of the wedding. They will be your army of help on the day, showing people to their seats, giving out order of service, getting the right people for the photographer, shipping around important people, use them and abuse them, they will love being part of your big day.

    Groom’s Responsibilities

    Booking the honeymoon: Traditionally the groom is the one who books the honeymoon, there are two options keeping the destination a secret from your blushing bride so she'll be as excited as a squirrel with a bag of nuts or she may prefer to be involved. Whatever you decide to do make it as romantic as possible, just the two of you, chilling, speeding time together, make it memorable.

    Government advice on getting married: this link will take you to official government website - Marriages and civil partnerships in the UK.

    Gifts for bride, best man and ushers: It's traditional for you to buy gifts for people who have worked hard to make your wedding go with a bang, this includes the Ushers and Best Man, you also need to buy your wife a nice memento, keepsake etc. The bridesmaids and chief brides should really be down to the bride however all of these presents (except for the bride) could be done together so you're both singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak.

    Wedding Dress: We are not saying you need to dress up and look like a meringue that's the Bride's job, you should be in charge of getting the best man's, ushers ad your wedding attire. Smart suits, top hats and tails, whatever tickles your fancy, I am pretty sure you would also need to liaise with your bride so colours match etc.

    Start taking care of your appearance: Go and buy Men's Health Magazine, start loosing some of that weight, get some face cream, whiten your teeth by brushing them! Whatever improvements you can make to your appearance would be a great idea, you never know, it might become a lifestyle change.

    Be Cheerful, Calm and SupportiveA Wedding day can be a time of immense stress, plus you may be getting pressure from the in-laws or your parents so be calm, cheerful and supportive - it's easier to say that now but keep if in mind, when life gets tough.

    Dispatch the invites: You should dispatch the invites in time so that the guests get time to organise their schedules and are attend the ceremony with ease.

    Organising the transportation: You need to organise the transport for guests, ushrers and others, from church and reception.

    Get your wedding insured: It is going to be one of the most lavish functions of your life. It is a good idea to get the wedding insured in case some untoward incident pops up and ruins the entire efforts.

    Be relaxed on the D-day: Just relax and enjoy your day. Remember, man proposes and god disposes. So be prepared for the unpredictable without taking stress.


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