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Stag Weekend Ideas For The Older Gent
Just because you've reached a certain age, it doesn't actually mean that you can't have an absolutely corking stag weekend, it doesn't have to be downing shots and wearing fake boobs on your head, but it's there if you want it!

My idea of a good stag weekend for an older gent and bear in mind I am knocking on the door of late forties (to be honest banging on the door and ringing the doorbell), is great activities, good food and a good standard of hotel.

Older Stag Party Doing Jazz Hands


Your best UK stag do destination will depend on what type of weekend you are after, if you're looking for nightlife then I would choose cities such as Bristol, Reading, Cardiff Edinburgh, Newcastle, Nottingham or Chester, all these locations offer a varied selection of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs and can cater for various types of clientele.

If you're looking for adventure and more of a rural retreat go for North Wales, The Peak District, parts of South Wales and the Highlands.

Most popular stag destinations abroad have epic nightlife centered around a historical city such as Prague, Krakow, Valencia, Barcelona and Bratislava.

We currently don't sell abroad stag weekends, however on our sister company website DesignaVenture they offer which include stag do packages abroad with and without flights.


StagWeekends.com Accommodation Choices

Without doubt, a stag weekend for a mature gentleman needs good accommodation, minimum 3 star hotel which serves up an decent breakfast. There's no point in sticking everyone in bunk beds, with 10 to a room sharing one bathroom, he isnt going to be very happy.

At StagWeekends.com we deal with loads of 3 and 4 star hotels which include Hilton, Marriott, Park Plazas, Park Inns, Holiday Inn etc. these are extremely popular with our groups as you get what's on the tin.

So my advice for the older group is a good standard of accommodation, it doesn't have to be the Ritz, but definitely don't go for the pits!


Footgolf, Whiskey Tasting & Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting
No other activity would grace the older man better than a bit of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Mid morning start with a bacon roll, hot coffee and a cheeky hip flask goes down a treat whilst you obliterate clays into a billions pieces.

In my mind clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic activity available in most popular stag destinations.

Bodyboarding / Surfing
An activity which is usually done on the west coast of the UK in locations such as Cornwall, Devon and West Wales and can be done under instruction or you can just hire the equipment and go for it.

Stay in a rented house for freedom and close proximity to the beach, that way you can fill the fridge up with booze and BBQ food and enjoy a weekend away from the hustle and bustle.

Whiskey Tasting
Once you reach a certain age you can really taste toffee, caramel, peat, oak in a tipple of whiskey - it's the mature pallet which isn't as sensitive to alcohol, making this activity both interesting and extremely enjoyable.

There's nothing like leaving a whiskey tasting pumped up and ready for the night ahead, so make sure you book a 4 to 6pm slot otherwise you'll all be asleep by tea time!

From hovercraft racing to quad bike trekking there are tons of motorised activities available nationwide. These type of activities are usually a huge hit with the older gent who likes nothing better than the machine to do all the work and show off his amazing driving skills, you don't get to this age not knowing how to handle yourself behind the wheel.

To really go for it, try out our Motorsports Mashup which includes racing 1200cc race-prepared saloon cars with up to 40 other racers, it is so much fun, proper stock car racing.

Beer / Cider Tasting
A brilliant pre-big-night-out activity, book it for around 4pm where you can go and taste some of the finest beers or ciders the UK has to offer and then move onto your night out pre loaded (that's what the young ones say!).

Wherever you decide to hold your stag weekend there should be a microbrewery nearby - In 2016 more than 300 brand new breweries were launched and last year (2017) we surpassed the amount of breweries we had in the 1930s, so craft beers is on the up.

Horse Racing
A totally brilliant event to get suited and booted for, horse racing is an extravagant day out especially if you go for one of the big events such as Royal Ascot, Grand National Aintree (Liverpool) or Gold Cup in Cheltenham.

There are loads of racecourses up the length and breadth of the UK all putting on amazing days and events so don't worry if you can't make those dates.

White Water Rafting
White water rafting is a humongous amount of fun, with frothing rivers throwing you down river bumping off rocks and going through what can only be described as a torrent of water, you'll have full on adrenaline and stories to tell down the pub later.

Best natural locations in the UK are North Wales or Highlands in Scotland however there are a few man-made white water rafting sites where the British Olympic teams train in Cardiff and Nottingham.

Golf or Footgolf
If book golf is a bit of an old cliche and you have some young hitters in your group then book footgolf instead. Footgolf is a brilliant combination of football and golf with big cups for the footballs, well it would be a little tough kicking a golf ball down the fairway!

This activity is starting to pop up in all popular stag weekend locations so shouldn't be an issue to book.


Casino, Comedy Club & Gentleman's Club

A great choice for the older stag who likes to play with a bit of Poker or Roulette. Most Casino clubs offer free entry plus they're open 24 hours!

Comedy Club Entry
You simply cannot go wrong with a comedy club, most popular stag destinations will have at least one comedy club and can usually include food and entry into a nightclub afterwards.

Make sure you sit near the front so the stag gets a proper ribbing!

Gentleman's Club
Most stag parties will visit a lap dancing club whether you book one or not! Usually it's half way through the night when you're in a nightclub, so book one in advance and save the hassle of finding one and paying over the odds to get in.

Nightclub In Style
There's no point just getting entry into a nightclub, the more astute gentleman would want a private area. So book a package which would include entry, private booth and drinks.

StagWeekends.com Popular Packages

We have some incredible stag weekend packages suitable for the discerning gentleman however I have picked some out which I think may be of interest:

Bournemouth 118 - A weekend with off shore powerboating, comedy club entry and 2 nights hotel accommodation.

Bristol 007 - A fantastic weekend with rage buggies, shooting .22 assualt rifles, gentleman's club and 2 nights hotel accommodation.

Birmingham 118 - A stag night with Dodgem Racing, greyhound racing and 1 night's hotel accommodation.

Reading 101 - A stag weekend with Ascot Racing which includes transfers from your 4* hotel in Reading, gentleman's club, nightclub With drinks package and 2 nights hotel accommodation.

Nottingham 5 - A stag weekend with footgolf, gentleman's club, Hooters party meal and 1 night's hotel accommodation.

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