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Stripper vs Lap Dancer
Lads love a cheeky nip or two, right? And to be fair, your stag do is going to be a lairy affair with a few too many jars and a decent supply of jugs too.

So you’ll be thinking ‘do I want lap dancers or do I want to embarrass the stag with a stripper?’ What are the best bits? What are the drawbacks? What are the other complications of hiring a naked chick to cheer up your chinos?

So we thought, hey, let’s make the distinctions you can decide.


A stripper might be your first choice for a stag do because you think you’ll get 100% nudity but that’s not always the case. What you get depends on who you hire so make sure you have a good chat when you’re booking to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Strippers come in all shapes and sizes and if you want a roll poly stripper or an old granny, there is a market out there to hire one.

There have been strippers which have brought out whipped cream, spanked the stag, inserted objects, popped out objects so something tells me this wouldn't be suitable for a family pub - so you need to have a venue.

Ideas For Venues
  • At your Hotel (private room such as a small function room)
  • Pub or bar (private room)
  • Activity Site
  • Limo

  • Lap-Dancer

    If you’ve decided to go to a lap-dancing club you can expect some decent contact between you and the dancer. Their aim is to get the lads worked up by grinding against them to a music backtrack but keep in mind, whilst they are allowed to touch, the lads have generally got to keep their hands to themselves, basically sit on them.

    Depending on which club you visit, when you pay a lap dancer for a dance she will take you to a private booth or to a dark spot in the club, however most clubs these days have private booths which are no bigger than a H&M changing room.

    The lap-dance will generally last as long as the music and the customer is normally seated on his hands throughout the whole routine. You may be able to get a few lap dancers and hire a room for the whole group but again this will depend on the club, so do your homework before you go.

    There's a bar or two in the lap dancing club and you will get the chance to buy your lap dancer a drink if you feel the urge!

    Lap dancing clubs used to be quite seedy however these days they tend to be professional and have good business etiquette - the lap dancing clubs we deal with are professional and tried and tested (it's a hard job but someone has to do it!).

    The main difference between a stripper and a lap dancer is the stripper comes to you, you go to a lap dancing club to meet a lap dancer.

    The other point to take in is at a lap dancing club the whole group goes and will usually participate, with a stripper she will turn up and usually pick on the stag and if she's really randy, pull in the best man!

    So there you have it, do you want to embarrass the stag or do you want to take the lads to a club full of saucy ladies? The decision is yours people.

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