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Top Stag Do Outfits To Keep You Warm This Winter
Nothing keeps Steven and the twins more toasty than a fluffy onsie. The whole party can pick a theme and match outfits for a stag party with impact. Keep the team together with identical costumes, that way you won’t lose your mates after a pint or ten. There are loads of ideas to choose from, Minions, Pokemon, Mario, and they all come with added fluff. A onesie also makes those hourly toilet breaks a bit easier once the seal is broken and to top it off, the ladies love a cuddly toy.

Go smart and sophisticated with stag do suits. Take the traditional track with your standard black, blue or grey or go wild and whacky with custom patterned suits, stars, strips and polka dots. A suit makes for a practical choice with plenty of pockets for the essential cards, keys and cash and also keeps the bouncers happy at the posh pubs and classy clubs.

You may only have the strength of one man and your best attempt at flying is falling off the curb after a few pints, but a superhero costume gives your stag party the power to impress. Skin-tight lycra covers every bulge and crack and also keeps the cold out so you won’t be conscious about your shrinking man-sausage. The only downfall is, no pockets, so Ironman might have to carry a man-bag.

Orange is the new black and a prison break costume keeps the team from breaking away and keeps the chilly weather at bay. Kick off with simple jeans and a t-shirt and then complete the look with an orange jump suit. You can eat like a pig and spill sambuka down yourself without staining your favourite top. Replace the shanks and spliffs with bank cards and ID and take advantage of all those pockets. You’ll be warm and on form and after all, the ladies love a bad boy.

Someone dial 999, because this stag party is on fire. Every girl loves a man in uniform and nothings says boyfriend material like a fireman. Whether you’re a perfect ten or a poor poor four, a fireman’s suit will get the ladies in a sweat and give your stag party some respect. There’s pockets for wallets and a belt for … whatever happens back at the hotel. You’ll have a warm hose and your feet won’t be frozen, just don’t set off the fire alarm.

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