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Top 5 Stag Weekend Stunts To Make Your Mother Blush
Roly Poly Pull
Lads love the ladies but for this stag do prank you'll need a lady with a lot of luggage. A roly poly stripper leaves nothing to the imagination, with enough junk in the trunk to sink a submarine and curves where you didn't know curves could be, your stag won't know what's hit him when twenty stone Tina get's all up on him. This is the big mama of stag do pranks and guaranteed to give your groom-to-be something to see.

Gaffa Laffa
A prank that might leave your stag high and dry. Find a suitable object or landmark then grab the stag and get out the gaffa tape. If you've got some muscle, you'll get him off the ground and before he knows what hit him he'll be the target for whatever armfuls of ammo you've brought with you. Sponges, sweaty socks and a few rotten eggs should do the trick. But a word of warning, gaffa taping someone's mouth is a no go, but eyebrows and hair, that's fair game, especially when it's time to rip it off. Just don't expect to stay on the bride's good side when he turns up for his wedding photo looking like a hairless rat.

Hide the Bride
Stag do pranks need to run like a well scripted scene, and this one will need some precision planning. After your lairy lads night on the tiles your stag will wake up to, a fake bride, complete with wedding ring, marriage certificate and suitcases. Your groom-to-be's blushing bride, played by an actress, will have a convincing story about their quicky midnight marriage and it's your job to make sure your hung-over stag believes it. Obviously you'll have to come clean eventually, but leave it long enough to see the panic in his eyes. And don't forget to live stream the whole thing on Facebook.

Oil and trouble
Don't tell your groom where you're going or what you're doing. You'll arrive at the venue, a bar or restaurant and head on through to a private room. He'll be thinking, nice one lads, spending out on the VIP treatment. He might be a tool, but he's not the sharpest and when he sees the wrestling ring with two busty babes dripping in oil he'll think he's the audience, not the main event. Once you've had an eye full, it's time spring the trap. Before he knows it, the stag will be stripped down to his y fronts being beaten by two slippery strippers while his mates get some great YouTube footage.

Just desserts
Beer, beef and a buffet with some booty. Once you lads have polished off the last of your stag do dinner you'll be treated to a private strip show before dessert is served. Once the lovely ladies have got your boxers tighter than a nun's nether regions dessert is served to the groom, on the stomach of a sizzling hot stripper. No cutlery allowed, will the stag lick his plate clean or just make a creamy mess?

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