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Stag Glossary For Idiots
The Basics First

The Stag: This is the man who's getting married, also known as the bachelor, the groom, the unlucky one, he is the reason why there is a stag weekend.

Stag Weekend: Also known as a stag do, stag party, stag night, bachelor party, bucks night - it's basically the actual celebration ritual of the man coming of age and getting married to the woman he loves, the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Celebrations can be a night in the pub, a weekend full of activities, a week in Ibiza, anything goes these days.

Best Man: The man or woman, the stag has picked to be his wingman throughout the wedding.

There may be more than one best man and he doesn't even have to be a man. The Best Man usually organises the Stag Weekend.

He also has other jobs such as looking after the rings at the Church, sleeping with the chief bridesmaid and making a speech at the wedding, better known as The Best Man's Speech.

The Stag Weekend Lingo

The Stag Kitty: On the Stag Night, you nominate a responsible person in the group who will collect a contribution off everyone in the group (say £20) and he pays for all there rounds. That way, no one is out of pocket and pays for more rounds than he needs to. The stag kitty gets topped up when needed. It's simple and a fare way of keeping everyone in drink.

Guilt Presents: When you take a present back to the WAG.

WAG: Wife and/or girlfriends.

WGOTSOT: What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour, which is the unwritten rule of any stag weekend or night. You never tell anyone what happened, that's if anything did happen, that didn't need telling... if you know what I mean?

Stag Do Pranks: These are tricks that you play on the stag on the weekend. For example; getting him arrested on the way to the hotel from the airport (this is an actual activity which you can pay for in places like Prague, Riga, Bratislava etc.), tying him to a lamp post in just his under crackers, putting his leg in plaster when he's asleep so when he wakes up from the night before he thinks he has a broken leg etc.

Stag Do Games: When the whole group takes part in some funny games usually to go along with the drinking - so mostly drinking games then? Yep, pretty much!

Last Man Standing: Usually it's based on the last one at the bar drinking when everyone else has sloped off.

Leo Sayer: Cockney rhyming slang for an all dayer. An all day drinking session, massive bender, that could also mean something else eh up I'm getting myself in a pickle here.

To be continued....
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