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Wayne Broadbent - Nottingham 10

Thank you a great night had by all Thank you for all your help to make our recent stag party in Nottingham , a very enjoyable night and a nice hotel , if needed i will definatly use designa venture again in the futre

Daren Crowson - Reading 007

Great customer service Great value, great customer service, a great weekend was had by all. Hopefully i never have to organise another one, it was a nightmare, nothing to do with designaventure though. Would recommend and use again if i had to organise

Stag Night Ideas

It is believed that the concept of stag parties and the associated celebrations first began in Greece. Whenever any Spartan was to enter into wedlock his friends used that opportunity to celebrate the start of his new innings. There were nightlong celebrations that consisted of songs, dances and sumptuous feasts.

Today, too this tradition continues. Both would be grooms and brides like to celebrate the start of their new innings with style. In modern language these parties and celebrations are referred as stags and hens do’s. In the following article we would be discussing the different ideas that the bestman can employ and make the stag do a memorable event for his friend.

Stag night ideas

Choose exotic destinations for a stag night: In recent years the concept of organising stag do’s at exotic places have caught on. Being once in a life time opportunity one likes to celebrate it with style and if possible far away from his home place. You do not have to go far looking for that exotic destination; we at give you the option of organising the event within UK and abroad. Bournemouth , Bristol, Edinburgh and Southampton are some of the most loved stag do destinations in UK. While Barcelona, Las Vegas and Madrid have emerged as hot favourites in Europe outside UK.

Have a theme-based party: After deciding on the destination you need to decide on the theme of the do. Certain tried and tested themes that have been popular can be employed like theme on superheroes, cartoon characters, chefs, James Bond series or sea pirates. You can also keep a prize for the best fancy dressed soul.

Make arrangement for stag’s favourite band: You can plan a surprise for would be groom by inviting his favourite band. This would definitely put the stag on the dance floor.

Organise games: Stag and his friends can have roaring fun at the do by participating in well thought of games. Certain games like tambola, musical chairs still remain as one of the hot favourites. You can be innovative and devise new games.

Plan performances of stag’s bosom friends: The performances of stag’s close pals can make the occasion livelier and beautiful. It can be an individual performance or a group performance in the form of some interesting skit from stag’s life. If one’s creative juices are running at great speed then he can even pen down a song on the stag.


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