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Customer Comments
Wayne Broadbent - Nottingham 10

Thank you a great night had by all Thank you for all your help to make our recent stag party in Nottingham , a very enjoyable night and a nice hotel , if needed i will definatly use designa venture again in the futre

Daren Crowson - Reading 007

Great customer service Great value, great customer service, a great weekend was had by all. Hopefully i never have to organise another one, it was a nightmare, nothing to do with designaventure though. Would recommend and use again if i had to organise


Stag Weekends Bristol

Bristol High 5


What Am I Getting For My Money?

  • 1 Night 4* Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Stagweekends Combo
  • Curry Party Meal
  • Guest List Nightclub Entry

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Choose 2 of the following day time activities

Rebel Buggies
It’s all about POWER. Rebel buggies are the latest off-road karts designed to take you to petrol-head heaven. These 900cc, high octane monsters let you fight it out for pole position against each other and the clock on a purpose built gravel track. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life.

Quad Biking
Get something powerful between your legs. Mount one of these 300cc beasts and go to war against the elements. Test your skills on a training course then twist the throttle and take on some serious inclines, tight forests, gullies and hills. Quad biking is not for the feint hearted so man up and get ready for a bumpy ride.

Blindfold Driving
You want to watch the action, get a good look at the curves and the humps. You’re in control and you can tell her exactly where to go, but you’re blindfolded with your mates egging you on. Blindfold driving put you in charge of a powerful 4x4 through a tough skills course, will you get through, or will you be left stuck in the mud?

Axe Throwing
How’s your aim lads? Do you always hit your target or are you a point-and-hope kinda guy? There’s no room for axe-idents throwing Native American tomahawks. If you’re good with your hands then moving further and further away from your target shouldn’t be a problem either. Just think like Chief Sitting Bull and aim for the head.

Paintball Inc 200 Balls
Let the rage out and go to war against your mates. Armed with smoke grenades and with 200 rounds of ammunition included, unleash a torrent of colourful abuse on one another. This is a physical team sport so get yourself pumped if you want to win.

Forget telescopic sights, you’ve got your eye, your aim and your determination. Get your hands on a crossbow and set your sights on the bullseye. These powerful, deadly weapons are your toy of choice in a battle against your mates. You might just get the bullseye, if you’ve got the balls.

Exploding Archery
We all like a bang now and then. If you’ve got the aim, Exploding archery will offer a lot of bang for your buck. It’s Robin Hood meets Bomb Squad, so grab your bow and arrow and blow that bullseye to kingdom come.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Don’t let is go off in your hand or you’ll make a right mess of it. Clay Pigeon Shooting is all about skill, speed and a massive gun. Get your hands around a pump action shotgun and dust some clays against your mates. Can you prove you’ve got the aim to win the game? Includes 14 clays each

Knife Throwing
Get your hands around a deadly, perfectly balanced throwing knife and set your eyes on your target. Have you got the aim to win the game? Learn the skills to get 3, 4 or maybe 5 rotations of the blade before you slay your target.

When you shoot do you aim for your target or close your eyes and hope for the best? Well you’ll need to work on your shot here if you want to hit the spot. So grab your Merry Men because archery is your chance to prove you’ve got the shot to win the lot.

Segway Slalom
Pull it back, but not too far. Thrust your hips forward, arch your back and you’re away. This is one for the techies. Segways are all about having fun on two wheels in weirdest possible way. Jump onto one of these gyroscopic gut-busters and test your metal

Assault Rifles
Now is not the time to go off half cocked lads. Get your hands around a famous Heckler and Koch MP5 assault rifle and zero in on your target. It’s macho, it’s powerful, it’s deadly and its your toy for the day. Feeling trigger happy yet?

All the above activities are on the same incredible activity site 20 minutes drive from Bristol.

Your Hotel
Check into your city centre 4 star hotel. All our 4 star hotels are stag friendly have very late bars, excellent room facilities, leisure facilities (sauna, indoor pool, Jacuzzi etc) and parking, nice.

Curry Party Meal
Our restaurants are hand picked for their suitability for lively parties and enthusiastic celebrations. With mouth watering cuisine, excellent service and a buzzing atmosphere, what else do you need to start your night off with a bang?

Guest List Nightclub Entry
Ever wondered how people get on a guest list? Well you’re on ours, forget queuing and worrying about getting in, we have sorted all that out for you. Most clubs allow fancy dress and play popular party music, so get your dancing clobber on and let your hair down (or take it off) and make it a night to remember.


NB: Transport is not included in any of our stag packages unless otherwise stated

This is one of our popular stag packages and is based on what other stag do’s have enjoyed doing. Many stag groups like the stag weekends team to create a unique stag package just for them. For a tailor-made stag do package call us on 01432 839032 or email us on [email protected]

Activities in this package are :
Hotel Accommodation Stag Weekend
3-4* Hotel Accommodation

Looking for a bit of comfort whilst on a dirty stag weekend, we use top notch stag friendly 3 - 4 star hotels which offer first class service, ...

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Clay Pigeon Shooting

First things first, after you have shouted pull, what do you do next? Do you watch the clay with your eyes and shoot the gun when the clay comes into ...

Nightclub DJ
Guest List/VIP Nightclub Entry

Stag groups and nightclubs don't usually mix, unless you add the secret ingredient of We can get you guest list entry into some grea...


Floating on a cushion of air, are you having a laugh? This big boys toy does just that, and you get to race them around a specially designed racing ci...

Stag Party Bavarian Beer House
Party Meals (Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, American…..)

Need fuel for the night ahead and don’t know where to start; well we have hand picked restaurants that offer great food, excellent service, a buzzing ...

Quad Biking
Quad Biking

Without doubt, Quad Biking is the Big Daddy activity stags like to do on their stag weekend. Lets take a look at this properly, four wheels, a ...

Rage Buggies
Rage Buggies

The new generation of Honda Pilots, with a 600cc v-twin Honda powered engine youre gonna go flippin fast!! Racing these beasts will certainly get you...

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