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Customer Comments
Wayne Broadbent - Nottingham 10

Thank you a great night had by all Thank you for all your help to make our recent stag party in Nottingham , a very enjoyable night and a nice hotel , if needed i will definatly use designa venture again in the futre

Daren Crowson - Reading 007

Great customer service Great value, great customer service, a great weekend was had by all. Hopefully i never have to organise another one, it was a nightmare, nothing to do with designaventure though. Would recommend and use again if i had to organise

Activities Available

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2-3 Hotel Stag Weekend
2-3* Hotel Accommodation - £ 39

We offer all grades of hotel but our 2 and 3 Star properties are extremely popular and, of course, very cost effective. They’ll be conveniently locate...

Hotel Accommodation Stag Weekend
3-4* Hotel Accommodation - £ 48

Looking for a bit of comfort whilst on a dirty stag weekend, we use top notch stag friendly 3 - 4 star hotels which offer first class service, ...

Cardboard Boat Challenge Reading Stag Party
Banana, Bath & Boat Challenge - £ 60

This crazy stag activity includes:

Bathtub Kart Racing
With both forward and backward gears, this wacky race will have th...

Bierkeller Nightclub - £ 9

If ever you needed advise on how to drink beer and party then you would be pushed to find a better teacher then a Brit, unless I stick a German into t...

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach - £ 37

You don’t go to Blackpool without experiencing the famous Pleasure Beach, especially on a stag do and that’s why we’ve made sure your fun isn’t restri...

Stag Weekend Ideas - Bobsleigh
Bobsleighing - £ 35

Imagine you and your mates squeezed into a space not much bigger than a coffin, the icy wind hitting against your face and the stomach churning rush y...

Brewery Tour
Brewery Distillery Tour - £ 20

Booze glorious booze; see the delightful world of producing booze in some of the top notch breweries distilleries in the world. Whether your choice is...

Bubble Football
Bubble Football - £ 30

The world of stag do activities seems determined to merge the basics of football with the most wild and wonderful of other games and this is no except...

Budget Hotel Accommodation Stag Weekend
Budget Hotels - £ 23

So you’ve just realised that all you’ll be using your room for is sleeping or freshening yourself up and now you’re asking yourself why spend your har...

Canoeing - £ 20

We are not going to mention deliverance or any other movie which includes canoes, weird looking people or screaming like pigs. Our canoe trips are jus...

Casino Night Stag Do
Casino Night - £ 0

Kerrrchiinngg! Casino nights really amp up a stag do, there’s something kinda Oceans Eleven (or 12..or Thirteen!) about it…except you’re not really th...

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Clay Pigeon Shooting - £ 45

First things first, after you have shouted pull, what do you do next? Do you watch the clay with your eyes and shoot the gun when the clay comes into ...

Cliff Jumping Stag weekend ideas
Cliff Jumping - £ 40

This activity is a must for all would be daredevils if you like the great outdoors and want something totally different. We provide all of your neces...

Coasteering Stag Weekend Ideas
Coasteering - £ 45

A very Cornish treat, swim through caves, caverns and whirlpools, scramble over rocks and jump off ledges into deep pools, each ledge gets higher and ...

Comedy Club
Comedy Club - £ 18

Comedy Clubs and stag parties go really well together (hen parties also happen to love comedy clubs too), lots of laughter and a late bar with party m...

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing - £ 35

What you catch is only a small part of the experience but lets hope you catch more than the sun on your sea fishing adventure. After a short safety b...

Mud Wrestling
Female Mud Wrestling - £ 60

Mud + girls = A surreal experience never to be forgotten! Your guide will collect your from your hotel and whisk you off in a mini bus to the outskir...

Sexy Lady PLaying Golf
Golf ~ 18 Holes - £ 35

We understand the average stag group isn’t full of Tigers, so we have chosen professional 18-hole golf courses that are perfect for both beginners and...

Gorge Scramble
Gorge Scrambling/Canyoning - £ 49

You’ll need some serious balls for this one boys so check your boxers before you read on. Trek through the UK’s wildest survivable terrain and battle ...

Nightclub DJ
Guest List/VIP Nightclub Entry - £ 8

Stag groups and nightclubs don't usually mix, unless you add the secret ingredient of We can get you guest list entry into some grea...

Stags with bar guide
Guided Bar & Club Crawl - £ 20

With so many choices of pubs, clubs, gin joints, discos, taverns and cocktail houses, some empty, some bursting at the seams with life, some excellent...

Hooters Party Meal
Hooters Party Meal - £ 40

Food brought to you by lovely ladies in shortie shorts and tight tops, tell me more!

Well if you fancy an American style diner with sca...

A Day At The Races
Horse Racing - £ 30

Feeling lucky lads? Have a flutter at the races and enjoy the full stag experience. Turn up in your finest and get straight to work on the bets and th...

Hovercrafting - £ 50

Floating on a cushion of air, are you having a laugh? This big boys toy does just that, and you get to race them around a specially designed racing ci...

Indoor Karts
Indoor Race Karts - £ 45

Guys, we all know you fancy yourselves as the real Lewis Hamilton – well now’s your chance to prove it. Rev up your stag do with a bit of mano-a-mano ...

Lap Dancing
Lap Dancing - £ 10

This is something we can genuinely thank the Americans for. Glamorous women and sexy underwear go so well together! We, as usual, arrange VIP entry an...

Stag Do Fancy Dress
Mini Highland Games - £ 30

So you and the lads fancy yourselves as a bunch of iron brew boys do ya? Well, Och aye, you don’t have to be just in Scotland to swing your sporran in...

High Ropes Course
Multi Activity ˝ or Full Day - £ 99

Most stag groups have a mix of ages all wanting to do different things so why not keep everyone happy, stay as a group and do a pick n mix of activiti...

Night at the Dogs
Night At The Dogs - £ 18

Fancy a flutter; look no further than the exceptional night at the dogs. With a race roughly every 15 minutes, the stadiums have an incredible atmosph...

Outdoor Race Karts
Outdoor Race Karts - £ 45

There’s something about the smell of the fumes, the roar of the engines and the sight of the open track ahead that turns every man into a maniac that ...

Paintball Brighton
Paintball - £ 25

Are you the type that empties their load as soon as you see your enemy approaching like a pebble dasher on a housing estate or are you an SAS trained ...

Stag Party Bavarian Beer House
Party Meals (Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, American…..) - £ 20

Need fuel for the night ahead and don’t know where to start; well we have hand picked restaurants that offer great food, excellent service, a buzzing ...

Quad Biking
Quad Biking - £ 45

Without doubt, Quad Biking is the Big Daddy activity stags like to do on their stag weekend. Lets take a look at this properly, four wheels, a ...

Blindfold Driving In Fancy Dress
Quad Biking, Blindfold Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting & Human Table Football - £ 73

Quad Biking
Without doubt, Quad Biking is the Big Daddy activity stags like to do on their stag weekend. Let’s take a look at th...

Rage Buggies
Rage Buggies - £ 50

The new generation of Honda Pilots, with a 600cc v-twin Honda powered engine youre gonna go flippin fast!! Racing these beasts will certainly get you...

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Rage Buggies, Blindfold Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting & Human Table Football - £ 73

Rage Buggies ~ The new generation of Honda Pilots, with a 600cc v-twin Honda powered engine you are gonna go flippin fast!! Racing these beast...

Rally Karts
Rally Karts/Mud Buggies - £ 45

Race around purpose built off road dirt circuits in low-to-the-ground rally prepared karts, fly around hairpin bends, speed through chicanes and thra...

Stag Weekend Segways
Segways - £ 25

You’ve seen them on holiday, well the Segway has become a cool trend in the UK aswell. Of course, for your stag do, we’ve revved things up by giving y...

Surfing - £ 55

Putting aside that this is one of the coolest sports in the world and that you'll look the nuts when you walk down the beach in your wetsuit with your...

Handgun Target Shooting
Target Shooting - £ 46

Bang bang, your mate's way off target, bang bang you just hit the target!

During your target shooting session you will shoot targets f...

Transport - £ 0

Aaargh, what’s this place called that you’re going to again? Wait, you’re all still over-the-limit from last night so can’t drive! Groan, who’s got a ...

Wakeboarding, Banana & Ringo Rides - £ 65

Wakeboard, Banana and Ringo Rides
Spend ˝ a day splashing around in the water.

Wakeboarding ~ Is one of the most e...

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting - £ 45

Have wicked, wet and wild fun with white water rafting. Get yourself kitted out in a wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid and a paddle and slap mother nature...

Zapcat - £ 78

Zapcats are extreme catamarans that cut through the water at 50mph that are capable of pulling in excess of 2G in a turn. The acceleration is explosi...

Zombie Experience
Zombie Experience - £ 90

A TRIP TO HELL WITH YOUR MATES WITH GUNS!! Stag activity ideas dont get any better then this, the Zombie Experience also known as Zombie Bootca...

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