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Stag Weekends News

The Essential Best Man Article

The telegraph has put together a killer article which will help all budding best men out there who doesn’t know what to do or how to act, 10 things every best man should know.

This fantastic piece doesn’t just give you ideas and advice on the stag weekend it also looks in-depth at the speech, with a Youtube video on the Best drunk wedding speech ever!

This article also touches on bring sensible, proud, keeping it simple avoid cliches and don’t embarrass the guests.

However, the highlight for me is the Irish bast men video, it’s 18 minutes long and hugely funny, these guys are guinness’ watch it:






New Stag Activity Bubble Football

Bubble FootballThere is a brand new stag activity which is proving extremely popular with our stags – Bubble Football also known as Zorb football.

On arrival, you will be met by your Bubble Football referee who will show how to put your Bubbles on and the rules of tackling etc.

After that you will have the best game of football you will ever have, you don’t even need to be good at football! The idea is to knock the player off the ball with the hardest bounce you can muster, the secret is to work together with the tackling, passing and shooting comes after.

Once the game of football is over and if you have enough time you have the option of other fantastic games which include Bull-Dog and last man standing.

Available nationwide and can be added to any of our popular packages, or if you would prefer to name a stag destination we will arrange a venue and get the Bubble Football there – easy as blowing bubbles and I don’t mean the monkey!

Planning A Stag Weekend

It’s not always easy organising a get together with your pals at the best of times, yet alone when you and your partner are planning a wedding, but we have some top tips on how to pull off the perfect Stag Weekend.

There are only 4 words you need to bare in mind when planning. Who, What, Where and When.

Who: The first thing you want to decide is who you’re going to invite on your stag weekend. Once you have numbers it will be easier to organise the rest. We suggest keeping your numbers between 8-20 people so that you have enough people to fill your daytime activities but not too many that you have difficulty booking accommodation and meals. Also who you invite can effect the dynamic of the group.

Your best friend and brother will be up for the banter but the father of the bride not so much, so maybe arrange a separate affair for the family.

What: Decide what you want to do. An activity in the daytime can break things up a bit so that you don’t end up peaking too soon. And with something for everyone, from Paintballing to Party Boats, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Then it’s onto the evening. From Comedy Clubs to Lap Dancing Clubs, all the lads will have a night to remember.

Where: Once you know what you want to do you can narrow down the places in which you can celebrate your last weekend as a free man. Whether you want to stay close to home or have a mini break abroad, plenty of places offer a vast range of packages to suit your Stag group.

When: Then finally you need to decide when to hold your stag weekend. Forget the tradition of holding your Stag night, the night before the wedding. With more and more groups holding their weekends a month or so before, it allows for mishaps and recovery, saving embarrassment on the big day. Also you want to think about time of year. It may seem like a good idea to go paintballing in December however frozen bullets, ouch!

The Perfect Stag Weekend Destination

Map of Brazil

If you are looking for a destination where women are literally throwing themselves at you then look no further people, we have found the perfect stag weekend destination.

According to the Telegraph’s website there is a village deep in the south eastern countryside of Brazil called Noiva do Cordeiro where there is such a shortage of men the ladies are crying out for men to go and visit them.

OK there is a slight problem, Brazil is huge and you’ll need a week rather than a weekend to get to Noiva do Cordeiro but hey it will be worth it. Obviously, not for the stag he’s already getting married but for the other single guys in the stag party.

The added bonus is that this area of Brazil is known for beautiful ladies, so you have nothing to loose.

Get your tickets sorted and visit Brazil’s most gagging for it town!

Stag Activities Coming Soon For 2015

Zombie Survival New for 2015If gaming is your talent, or graphic novels are your gold, then look no further as we have the perfect activities to make your dreams a virtual reality.

Make like the infamous James Bond and partake in a Spy Mission. You and your mates will be briefed via DVD from the helicopter before swooping in down a zip wire to your first location. From defusing a bomb to avoiding a nuclear launch, you’ll need to duck, dodge and dive trip wires, lasers and security cameras to complete your mission. You’ll be debriefed at the end and discover if you’re more of a Nick Fury or Austin Powers.

Or go commando and give the undead a run for their money with a Zombie Survival Day. You’ll have no choice but to fight for your life or become one of the brain munchers. Partake in basic training of survival and weapon use (think shotguns and pistols) before heading into the darkness of an abandoned nuclear bunker, where teamwork is key. With the realistic make up and wild look in their eyes, you’ll be transported into a real life Resident Evil.

These activities are coming soon.

A Commonwealth Style Stag Weekend

For all you sports buffs out there we have put together our favourite Commonwealth themed activities to keep you on your toes now the games have finished.

Wrestling: but not the kind where you watch 2 men get sweaty in the ring. Oh no, we mean scantily clad ladies getting down and dirty in mud or jelly. Enjoy the view as you sit back and relax in a private club with top tunes and watch the gorgeous girls battle to come out on top (literally), and if you’re lucky they might even let you join in on the action.

Shooting: Take in the country air and let loose your competitive side with Clay Pigeon Shooting. Your group will be given a lesson in gun handling and shooting etiquette (i.e. don’t wave your gun about in your fellow Stags faces) then take aim, shout ‘PULL’ and away you go.

Cycling: Don’t worry we aren’t suggesting a scenic cycle through the countryside. We have a fantastic alternative for the modern Stag, Beer Bike Tours. Take in the sites of the city as you and the lads switch between pedalling and putting your feet up whilst cooling off with a beer.

Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Got Engaged or Married In 2014

2014 has been a big year for celebrity couples. We have narrowed it down and picked our top 10 celebrity Grooms.

  1. Kanye West: Love him or hate him, you cannot disagree this guy has some serious swag, hitting the headlines and making some noise with his marriage to Kim Kardashian.
  2. George Clooney: The ultimate silver fox has finally been tied down by his lawyer girlfriend Amal Alamuddin after only 7 months! Girl got skills!
  3. Justin Bartha: The Hangover Star finally got his happily ever after at the beginning of this year to Lia Smith, a personal trainer. Sure to keep him on his toes!
  4. Ashton Kutcher: Star of ‘That 70’s Show’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’, Ashton finally popped the question and settled down with his original co-star Mila Kunis… We’re not jealous… Promise!
  5. Adam Levine: Maroon 5’s front man tied the knot abroad, with ’21 Jump Street’ star Jonah Hill officiating the wedding!
  6. Ryan Sweeting: It was game, set and match for this tennis pro when we married ‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco. And yes we shed a tear of heartbreak too.
  7. Adam Brody: The OC star shows us how they do it in the Geek world by bagging himself Upper East sides Queen, Leighton Meester.
  8. Brad Pitt: This man is a legend among men after finally putting a ring on it and bagging himself one of the worlds hottest women, Angelina Jolie. I mean c’mon!
  9. Mark Wright: This Essex lad is the envy of all men after getting seriously lucky and becoming Groom-To-Be to Britain’s Hottest Woman, Michelle Keegan!
  10. Johnny Depp: World Famous Actor kicked off a new trend by sporting his fiancé’s engagement ring on the red carpet!

Non Drinking Stag Weekend Ideas

shark fishing casino and pizza making

Celebrating your stag weekend before the big day has become somewhat of a right of passage, but with the statistic ‘1 in 6 Brits are now teetotal’, the trend of a sober Stag night or weekend is becoming more popular.

We have some brilliant ideas on how to enjoy your Stag weekend without the hangover.

In the day most activities will need a sober mind with activities such as Canyoning, Quad Biking, Racing Rage Buggies, Surfing…

We have also compiled some swapsies:

Swap the Party Boat for Shark Fishing. This once in a lifetime activity will leave you with memories you’ll be telling the grandkids. You and the lads will venture into open water in search for the big catch. And nothing beats the thrill of wrestling with a 2-metre shark at the end of your rod.

Trade in a Cocktail Master Class for Pizza Making. Become a master of tossing and toss your pizza dough in the air to get that pizza base as flat as Kieran Knightly. Find out some fun facts on the origins of the pizza, get given a demo and get stuck in making your own unique creation as well as a few competitive head to head challenges. And at the end of it all you get to eat your master piece.

Swap a Pub Crawl for a Comedy Club. What better way to end your night, than with a night of laughter, most UK cities have comedy clubs and most clubs have a great restaurant.

Don’t go to a nightclub at the end of your night had to a casino, with a sober mind you will wipe the floor with any one at blackjack, see that the roulette table is pure luck and know when the best time is to leave.

Top 10 Stag Locations For Your Weekend

The wedding date is set and the Best man now has the ultimate responsibility of organising the Stag Weekend. First things first, where to go? Here is our suggested Top 10 destinations that have a proven track record with our stag groups, in no particular order by the way.

  1. Quad Biking CardiffCardiff – The Welsh capital. From the bay to the centre, this city has an abundance of activities, day and night, including one of the UK’s top lap dancing club.
  2. Amsterdam – Step out of your comfort zone and into the new experience that is Amsterdam. From the Red Light district to the cannabis coffe shops, you’ll have a Do to remember.
  3. Bournemouth – This up and coming seaside destination is proving a popular choice for 2014. From the wet and wild beach front to the traditional watering holes, there is something for everyone.
  4. Newquay – Surfs up down south in this Cornish seaside town. If water sports and trendy bars are your thing then this is the destination for you.
  5. Riga – Complete with old school charm, don’t be fooled by the relaxed vibe of the city. With bob sleighing a top choice and a wicked night life including erotic pool parties, you’ll be gagging for more.
  6. Bristol – Bring on the great outdoors with the West Country games and caving across the rural countryside, before heading to the city centre with its vibrant nightlife, including harbour-side bars and cosy pubs.
  7. Edinburgh Stag Weekends - Piper in full Celtic DressPrague – Beautiful women, copious amounts of alcohol and target practise with Magnum’s and rifles, no wonder this amazing city has been voted THE top destination abroad for years running.
  8. Edinburgh – Scotland’s capital, full to the brim with culture. Discover your Scottish roots and partake in the Highland Games, or try the locally produced whiskeys on a bar crawl with a difference. And don’t leave without trying the local delicacy Haggis.
  9. London – The UK’s classy capital. From bar crawls to indoor paintballing, cabaret to gentlemen’s clubs, this city won’t disappoint.
  10. Blackpool – This famous seaside town is a top choice for any Stag Do. Get your fancy dress ready for a wild weekend of high speed rides, tribute acts and lap dancing.

If you would like help in choosing a stag destination please get in touch, good luck.

Your Stag Weekend Playlist

Mix TapeEvery major event needs a playlist and your stag weekend is no different. Every time you listen to the songs featured on your stag weekend playlist or you hear one on the radio, happy feelings will flood your mind like the first beer after work.

Here are our top 10 playlist to get you and the lads ready to party, just remember everyone’s music tastes are different so don’t beat us up over our music taste!

  1. Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO A fun for all dance tune that will have you grooving and singing along in no time
  2. Need You Tonight – INXS bust out the moves to this and you’ll have the ladies lining up
  3. Mr Bright Side – The Killers A karaoke classic that will have the lads longing for more
  4. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba A prefect pre drinking song which give good description of what is to come
  5. Right Round – Flo Rida Get your party started ‘Hangover’ style with this chart topper
  6. Candy Shop – 50 Cent Perfect Pre-Stripper tune for the Stag
  7. White Wedding – Led Zepplin A perfect piss take song for the Groom-To-Be
  8. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor Get those lunges going and get ready to warm up for the nights frolicking
  9. Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi This is a right belter and if you’re not singing at the top of your voices when this tune hits the speakers you’ve obviously had too much to drink
  10. Tequila – Terrorvision Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bar, this fantastic song is a tune classic

As I said everyone’s music tastes are different so if this doesn’t tickle your ear drums, put together your very own playlist and listen to it on the coach, in the hotel and request it in the bars and the memory will last with you for the rest of your lives.

Please note we didn’t use the word tuneage, your welcome.

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Your own team of Stag Weekend experts. With you all the way.

0845 519 2001

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