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Customer Comments
Wayne Broadbent - Nottingham 10

Thank you a great night had by all Thank you for all your help to make our recent stag party in Nottingham , a very enjoyable night and a nice hotel , if needed i will definatly use designa venture again in the futre

Daren Crowson - Reading 007

Great customer service Great value, great customer service, a great weekend was had by all. Hopefully i never have to organise another one, it was a nightmare, nothing to do with designaventure though. Would recommend and use again if i had to organise

Stag Articles
  • Advice To Groom (Part 1)

    Marriage is a special day for both the bride and the groom. However, it has been found that groom’s preferences and desires regarding this special day is generally not given much thought. more...
  • Advice To Groom (Part 2)

    In consultation with the travel agency you can decide on your honeymoon destination. The travel agency can also offer you
    customised travel package. more...
  • Planning a Stag Party

    You are groom’s bestman and have been given the responsibility to organise the pre-wedding bash for your friend. However, you have no clue on how to go about it. more...
  • Stag Night Ideas-Part 1

    In recent years the concept of organising stag do’s at exotic places have caught on. Being once in a life time opportunity one likes to celebrate it with style more...
  • Stag Night Ideas-Part 2

    Sweet surprises are always welcome. You can surprise the stag by inviting his long lost friends at the do.
  • Stag Night Package in Glasgow

    Glasgow is one of most celebrated cities of Scotland and is also known as European city of culture. It is a home to Scottish opera, ballet and orchestra. more...
  • Stag nights in Scotland

    Choosing Scotland for organising a stag night is a great idea for all those who are looking for some exotic place for the do. more...
  • UK Blackpool Stag Party

    Blackpool, the scenic city of UK with a stretch of six miles of exotic beach is becoming favorite spot of the thrill craving young dudes, for stag parties. more...
  • UK Stag Weekends Activity

    UK stag weekend activities are quite popular across Europe for their action packed unlimited fun. Stag weekend activities include special dos for stags and their chums. more...
  • UK Stag Party in London

    If you plan to organise a stag party then London can be your ideal destination. London, the greatest city in the world, provides you with plenty of clubs, bars and discotheques more...
  • Stag Glossary

    Stag: A male who attends a social gathering unaccompanied by woman. It is also used specifically for a would be groom. more...

  • Stag Night

    Looking to have some uninterrupted fun on a stag night party? You need to just give us a date and get ready to enliven over one of the most exciting stag night parties. Just that day out for you lads and gentlemen, you have reached the right place indeed!. more...

  • Stag Weekend

    How do you plan to have your stag weekend party? Sometimes, all the planning can go waste if you do not get the right professional agency to arrange a stag weekend. You may be a group of men wanting to visit places or play your heart out, or simply relax on a stag weekend. more...

  • Stag Party

    What is your favorite idea for a stag party? Does it include exciting and thrilling activities that just pump up your energy for a long time to come? Well, if yes, we have just the right stag party plan for you. We know that a stag party is not just an event that men enjoy together to rejuvenate and celebrate traditionally. It is more than it. more...

  • Stag Party Ideas

    Stag parties are totally guys' day… oops night out. It is men's way to pay last homage to their bachelorhood. The Greek men started this sweet tradition. When a Spartan entered in wedlock his new innings was celebrated with sumptuous feast, songs and dances more...

  • Stag Do

    Stag dos have been around for quite some time now. They were the idea of the Greek to celebrate the last night of bachelorhood of Spartan men and are being carried forward by men from one generation to another. more...

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