Outdoor Go Karts · Grand Prix Sheffield
This outdoor karting track only 2 miles from the centre of Sheffield is pretty impressive...

They use the latest 270cc Honda Biz karts which are fully race prepared to make sure your karting event is both incredibly thrilling and completely safe. Onboard you have fitted timing equipment which will give you lap time, speed and race position.

The track is 470 metres in length and can run on wet and dry, it's high grip tarmac and has a long downhill straight getting you up to speeds you have never been before, in a kart that is!

The race format is perfect for stag parties where everyone will get the same amount of laps in, and is quite similar to a F1 format with qualifiers and a final race to see who cuts the mustard.

Who will drive like Vettel and who will be driving like Noddy?
Minimum group size: 6
Track: 470m High Grip Tarmac Track
Average Speed: 36s
Karts: 270cc Honda Biz Petrol Engines
Top Speed: 50mph
 ● Helmets, Gloves, Balaclavas & Race Suit
 ● Warm Up Lap
 ● 10 Lap Qualifier
 ● 12 Lap Qualifier
 ● 15 Lap Race
 ● Podium Awards
 ● Medals For Top 3
 ● Bottle Of Bubbly