Rage Buggy Racing & Paintball · Reading
Paintball: Let the rage out and go to war against your mates. Armed with smoke grenades and with 100 rounds of ammunition included, unleash a torrent of colourful abuse on one another. This is a physical team sport so get yourself pumped if you want to win.

Rage Buggy Racing:
One for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life. Rage buggies boast some serious horsepower and are built for one thing, fun! Put them to the test against intense, purpose built, off road tracks and use your skill to battle it out for the best driver crown.
Minimum Group Size: 6
Weight Restriction: 114kg
Rage Buggies Season: Mid February to the end of October
 ● 100 Rounds