Quad Trek Duo・Nottingham
Quad Trek: Your Weapon: Beast Of A Quad Bike.

Things have moved on since Robin Hood times (luckily), you and your stag group are now going to ride these incredible quad bikes over countryside on a 20 minute, hair raising, non-stop trek.

You'll be sliding, jumping, climbing and descending with some tracks looking totally impassable, well until you and your quad bike get there, you'll make it look a breeze, hopefully.

Choose one of the following for your second activity:

Archery: When you shoot do you aim for your target or close your eyes and hope for the best? Well you’ll need to work on your shot here if you want to hit the spot. So grab your Merry Men because archery is your chance to prove you’ve got the shot to win the lot.

Rifle Shooting: Now is not the time to go off half-cocked lads. Get your hands around a rifle and zero in on your target. It’s macho, it’s powerful, it’s deadly and it's your toy for the day. Feeling trigger-happy yet?

Crossbows: Forget telescopic sights, you’ve got your eye, your aim and your determination. Get your hands on a crossbow and set your sights on the bullseye. These powerful, deadly weapons are your toy of choice in a battle against your mates. You might just get the bullseye, if you’ve got the balls.
Minimum Group Size: 6
Duration Approx: 2 hours

For the Quad Biking wear old clothes and bring a change of footwear.
 ● Instruction
 ● Helmet
 ● Goggles
 ● Gloves
 ● Overalls
 ● Quad Bike for an hour