Notts Foursome · Nottingham
Bungee Run: Ever wondered what it feels like to be a strap-on? Probably not, unless you spend a lot of time in padded rooms. We thought we'd give you the chance anyway. You're both secured by your own bungee cord to a long inflatable sprint track. Whoever gets to the end first wins but brace yourself, those bungee cords are strong, really strong, and they don't take any prisoners.

Micro Quads: These little monsters do what they say on the tin. Quads, but tiny, and evil. 160cc's of manic fun with a top speed of 17mph. That probably doesn't sound very fast but try it when you're only 4 inches off the ground and we'll ask you again. Micro Quads are the ultimate group leveller because everyone looks like an idiot, so you might as well just run with it.

Powerturns: 2 engines, on-the-spot spins and wheelies, this is some kind of motorsport insanity that only the proper adrenaline junkies will appreciate. Powerturns are hard-core dual control buggies that you steer with two joysticks that each power their own engines. No steering wheels here, just power, power and more power. You'll figure it out, probably.

Rage Buggy Racing: One for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life. Rage buggies boast some serious horsepower and are built for one thing, fun! Put them to the test against intense, purpose built, off road tracks and use your skill to battle it out for the best driver crown.
Minimum Group Size: 8
Duration Approx: 2.5 hours
Season: February to November