Clay Pigeon Shooting · North Wales
You are shooting with a real clay pigeon shooting specialist at this fantastic site, what they don't know about clay pigeon shooting can be written on the back of a stamp.

Situated on the North Wales / Cheshire borders you will be treated to stunning scenery before spoiling the whole atmosphere by the sound of your gun!

On arrival you will receive full safety instructions (well, these are real guns) before moving on to a bit of instruction with a few practice shots. You then move onto the big competition of the weekend, well what's a stag without a bit of competition?

There are various traps* in use making the whole comp a little more exciting.

Will you have the bragging rights of a sharp shooter, or will you be propping up the bar with sad stories of the one that got away?

*If you didn't know, traps are the spring loaded machines that fire the clays into the air up to approximately 100 metres. A good clay pigeon shooting site will have various traps shooting clays from left to right, straight in front of you, going away from you etc. All of these targets have funny names such as; crosser, driven, quartering and so on...

Everyday is a school day!
Minimum Group Size: 4
Duration Approx: 1½ Hours
Extra shots can be purchased on the day
 ● Safety Briefing & Kit
 ● Expert Tuition
 ● 30 Shots