Surf Rafting · Newquay
White water rafting is one of the most popular stag activities and so is surfing, however combine the two and you've got yourself an immense stag activity!

These 4.6 meter self-bailing Surf Rafts have been specially designed to make it relatively easy to paddle out over the waves and then catch a cresting wave all the way back to the beach - it's a buzz of a lifetime!

White water sea rafting is an amazing group activity, you don't need specialised training just a need for speed, the guys will be smiling all the way to the Newquay bars!

This activity is walkable or a 5 minute cab from the centre of Newquay.
Activity Session Lasts 2.5 to 3 Hours
Changing Facilities & Showers Available
 ● Raft (obviously)
 ● Paddle
 ● Top Of The Range Winter Wetsuit
 ● Buoyancy Aid
 ● Helmet