DTV Shredder & Hovercrafts Manchester
DTV Shredder: The ultimate blend of power, speed and agility, a DTV Shredder is your adrenaline mecca. Twin tank tracks, 200ccs of pulse racing power and a skateboard deck, this ain’t no joy ride, this is power play for the big boys. You’ll need balls of steel to master these monsters so leave the ricers at home. .

Hovercrafts: Put yourself in the driving seat of an insane, super sensitive, 600cc speed machine and try not to crash it. Hovercrafts take driving to the next level, use your bodyweight and the throttle to try and keep these manic monsters in line around a tough skills course. We bet you can’t keep a straight face.
Minimum Group Size: 6
Duration: Allow 2½ hours
Maximum Weight: 18 Stone
You will need to bring ankle walking or work boots to participate, or hire a pair on the day.