Outdoor Go Karts · London
Opened in 1962 what these people don't know about outdoor go karting you can write on the back of a postage stamp!

The 700 metre professional race track has two very fast straights, 2 left bends and 5 right bends, these 200cc Pro Biz Karts you can actually achieve (if you've go the balls) 68mph!

The Ironman contest is a race you will absolutely love, you go on to the track in single file and be led from the front by a pace kart, once you get up to an adequate racing speed the pace kart gets off the track leaving your group to fight it out for 30 minutes.

The winner will be the driver with the most laps under his belt!
700 Metre Professional Circuit
Allow 1 Hour For Visit
200cc Biz Pro Karts
 ● Overalls
 ● Helmet
 ● 30 Minutes Ironman