Clay Pigeon Shooting · Edinburgh
This is a fantastic woodland shooting site just outside Edinburgh. When we say woodland, don't worry you won't be shooting amongst trees, you'll be in openings, giving your activity an amazing atmospheric feeling.

There are 12, 20 and 28 bore shotguns on offer, the instructors will decide which shotgun will suit you best from your size and stature.

After your full safety briefing and a few practice shots it's onto the big competition, well what's a stag weekend without a bit of competition?

Shooting from various stands at different traps*, this competition won't be a walk in the park, more of a shoot in the woods.

*If you didn't know, traps are the spring loaded machines that fire the clays into the air up to approximately 100 metres. A good clay pigeon shooting site will have various traps shooting clays from left to right, straight in front of you, going away from you etc. All of these targets have funny names such as; crosser, driven, quartering and so on...

Everyday is a school day!

Minimum Group Size: 2
Duration Approx: 1½ Hours
Excellent Woodland Shoot
 ● Safety Brief & Kit
 ● Expert Tuition
 ● 25 Shots