Shoot & Ride Brighton
Off Road Buggy Racing: Race head to head on this purpose built circuit, but don’t be fooled this rough terrain mud circuits of twists, turns, jumps is aimed at generating a personal roller coaster ride to add even more excitement to the race.

Choose 2 Activities From The Choice Below

Archery: When you shoot do you aim for your target or close your eyes and hope for the best? Well you’ll need to work on your shot here if you want to hit the spot. So grab your Merry Men because archery is your chance to prove you’ve got the shot to win the lot.

Assault Course: This course will challenge your mind and fitness! 40ft scramble net, Burma bridge, rope swing, a steep wall and much more.

Rifle Shooting: Now is not the time to go off half-cocked lads. Get your hands around your 2.2 rifle and zero in on your target. It’s macho, it’s powerful, it’s deadly and its your toy for the day. Feeling trigger-happy yet?

Paintball Inc 100 Balls: Let the rage out and go to war against your mates. Armed with smoke grenades and with 100 rounds of ammunition included, unleash a torrent of colourful abuse on one another. This is a physical team sport so get yourself pumped if you want to win.
Minimum Group Size: 6
Duration Approx: 2 Hours
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