Outdoor Go Karts Endurance Race · Bournemouth
This brand new circuit has been designed by racers for racers so you know that it will be fast flowing and ideal for seasoned racers and novices alike.

So to get the most out of your Honda 200cc Powered Biz Kart, you're going to have to loosen up a bit and trust your ability, even when you think you're going to hit the tyre wall, push and steer!

The quickest lap (as of Nov 2017) is 27.571 seconds around a 435 metre track, which I would say is pretty hot however, get this, if you are top of the leader board for that month you get a free session, proves a point, this track and racing is designed by racers for racers.

Who in the group will be as fluent in racing as Vettel and who's practising for a funeral?

Allow up to 3 hours for this epic activity which we think fits nicely into your stag weekend in Bournemouth.
Minimum Group Size: 6
Teams will be split into groups (depending on group size) there will be driver changes and pit stops.
 ● Safety Kit & Drivers Tuition
 ● 15 Minutes Qualifying Session
 ● 60 Minutes Endurance Race
 ● Prize Giving