Bournemouth Stag Twosome · Bournemouth
Choose 2 stag activities from the list:-

Archery: When you shoot do you aim for your target or close your eyes and hope for the best? Well you’ll need to work on your shot here if you want to hit the spot. So grab your Merry Men because archery is your chance to prove you’ve got the shot to win the lot.

Assault Rifles - 30 Shots: Now is not the time to go off half-cocked lads. Get your hands around a famous Heckler and Koch MP5 assault rifle and zero in on your target. It’s macho, it’s powerful, it’s deadly and it's your toy for the day. Feeling trigger-happy yet?

Axe Throwing: How’s your aim lads? Do you always hit your target or are you a point-and-hope kinda guy? There’s no room for axe-idents throwing Native American tomahawks. If you’re good with your hands then moving further and further away from your target shouldn’t be a problem either. Just think like Chief Sitting Bull and aim for the head.

Blindfold Driving: You’ve always been a bit of a back seat driver so now’s your chance to shine, you’re in control of telling your mate exactly where to go! He’s blindfolded behind the wheel of a powerful 4x4 with you egging him on. With your commands to steer him through a tough skills course, will you get him through, or will you all be left stuck in the mud?

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 14 Shots: Don’t let it go off in your hand or you’ll make a right mess of it. Clay Pigeon Shooting is all about skill, speed and a massive gun. Get your hands around a 12 gauge under and over shotgun and dust some clays against your mates. Can you prove you’ve got the aim to win the game?

Crossbows: Forget telescopic sights, you’ve got your eye, your aim and your determination. Get your hands on a crossbow and set your sights on the bullseye. These powerful, deadly weapons are your toy of choice in a battle against your mates. You might just get the bullseye, if you’ve got the balls.

Human Table Football: Fancy a game of table football? Human Table Football! You’re pitched in an inflatable arena, you’re attached to the bars just like real table football and you’re in it to win it and be game for a lot of laughs. Co-ordinate with your team mates and try to avoid getting a red card.

Quad Biking: Get something powerful between your legs. Mount one of these 300cc beasts and go to war against the elements. Take on some serious inclines, gullies and hills as you test your new skills on a custom-made rough terrain track. Quad biking is not for the faint hearted so man up and get ready for a bumpy ride.

Rage Buggy Racing: One for the ultimate adrenaline junkies. Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life. Rage buggies boast some serious horsepower and are built for one thing, fun! Put them to the test against intense, purpose built off road tracks and use your skill to battle it out for the best driver crown.
Minimum group size of 6 people
Archery Season: October to March
Human Table Football Season: March to October
Rage Buggy Racing Season: Mid February to December