Target Shooting Mix · Blackpool Stag Party ·
Archery: When you shoot do you aim for your target or close your eyes and hope for the best? Well you’ll need to work on your shot here if you want to hit the spot. So grab your Merry Men because archery is your chance to prove you’ve got the shot to win the lot.

Axe/Knife Throwing: How’s your aim lads? Do you always hit your target or are you a point-and-hope kinda guy? There’s no room for axe-idents throwing Native American tomahawks. If you’re good with your hands then moving further and further away from your target shouldn’t be a problem either. Just think like Chief Sitting Bull and aim for the head.

Rifle Shooting: Aim your rifle at a variety of targets and when you hit them you know you've got your eye in! Bang bang, your mate's way off target, bang bang you just hit the target!
Durations Approx: 3 Hours
Minimum Group Size: 4
 ● Safety Brief & Equipment