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Wayne Broadbent - Nottingham 10

Thank you a great night had by all Thank you for all your help to make our recent stag party in Nottingham , a very enjoyable night and a nice hotel , if needed i will definatly use designa venture again in the futre

Daren Crowson - Reading 007

Great customer service Great value, great customer service, a great weekend was had by all. Hopefully i never have to organise another one, it was a nightmare, nothing to do with designaventure though. Would recommend and use again if i had to organise

Planning a Stag Party

You are groom’s bestman and have been given the responsibility to organise the pre-wedding bash for your friend. However, you have no clue on how to go about it. Then, friend you have reached the right place that would offer you adequate and creative ideas in organising the memorable stag party for your dear one.

Discuss with stag: You need to discuss with your friend who is going to bid goodbye to bachelorhood in few days from now. Have a open and frank discussion with him regarding his liking and preferences about the party..

Seek advice from the experienced horses: Those who have already had been a party to the organisation of stag parties, can offer you pearls of wisdom regarding the planning and organising of such parties.

Carry Research: You can read through magazines and online material, regarding the possible ideas that can be implemented.

Take Close friends in advice: Though you have been given the responsibility to organise the do but you can delegate your responsibility to your close friends and can seek their advice.

Decide on budget: Generally, the stag’s friends pool in and divide the expenses between themselves. Decide how big the budget is and plan the bash accordingly.

Decide on date: Choose a date that should be convenient to the stag and the attendees..

Decide on Venue: Lots of options are available on this front. You can organise the party in a cottage, ski chalet, hotel banquet room or in a private room in a restaurant. You might even consider organising the do in a private box at a stadium or arena during a favourite sporting event. If budget is no issue then you might even organise the stag party at some exotic place like Dubai or Madrid that in recent years have emerged as favourite stag do’s destination.

Have a theme based party: Having a theme based party makes the celebrations livelier. You can decide on themes like the ‘James Bond Look’, ‘Hyippie Look’ or you can get little wild and go for ‘Samba look’. If possible try to organise something for the daytime that will give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and something to talk about, before the evening kicks off.

Prepare the Guest List: This is a special event for the stag. Consult him and invite all his near and dear friends and family for the bash. Avoid keeping the invitation open ended as it may result in coming along of uninvited guests whose boisterous behaviour might ruin the party.

Seek Confirmation: Ask for confirmation from all those who intend to attend the bash.

Avoid scheduling the party the night before the wedding: It is a good idea to hold the party 1-2 weeks before the wedding. If the bash is hosted just a day prior to marriage then it would not give sufficient time for the groom and his guests to recuperate from the indulgence of the night before.

Prepare Speech: Being stags best friend you would also be required to give the speech. There are certain guidelines that should be kept in mind while preparing a speech. The speech should be sincere with smattering of humour. However, avoid being unnecessarily funny. The speech can contain any interesting anecdote from stag’s single/unattached days. You will also be required to toast for his new life. You can give memorable toasts like:
May there always be work for your hands to do.
May your purse always hold a coin or two.
May the sun always shine warm on your windowpane.
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you

Plan safe transport for guests: Make provisions for adequate transport facility to ensure guests reach safely to their homes. You can even go for making a short contract with a cab service.

Stag should be a man of moment: The bestman should ensure that stag is having fun. The occasion is to celebrate his new innings as a married man. Bestman should see that stag leaves his bachelorhood with style.

Plan surprise for the stag: Add a surprise to the bash like inviting his favourite band to the bash. You can even try becoming little nasty by throwing him in the pool. Of course all that should be done in good humour.

Avoid Provocative entertainment: Most modern would-be-grooms are responsible men who would not like any kind of embarrassment for themselves and their would be brides. There is also a possibility that the bride might find out any unacceptable behaviour indulged by her prospective spouse and that might ruin their relationship.

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